Assurance that Works: MD Anderson Branding

Assurance that Works: MD Anderson Branding

I just finished speaking to the Texas Hospital Association on the need for healthcare providers to combine Advocacy strategies with Assurance to succeed in healthcare reform. And what catches my attention on the way to my flight home? One of the smartest approaches to Assurance branding I’ve seen. In their updated brand look, MD Anderson Cancer Center uses design to tell the story about their mission of eliminating cancer.

Here they tell the stories of specific types of cancer they treat… leukemia if you can see it in this ad (another one in the same terminal was lung).


I like how they use this messaging regionally. And I like the way it tells the story quickly. These guys are the Top Dog in getting people to travel for cancer treatment, but I like the way they target people willing to travel for treatment because they are in a hub airport.

I don’t have any information about how effective these ads are, but I just passed them this week and wanted to call attention to what MD Anderson is doing.