Case Study: Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media #MCCSM

The Mayo Clinic launched the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (#MCCSM #hcsm) three years ago and is continuing to expand its reach and influence. Are you still dilly-dallying about social media?

  1. Social media drives business even to remote Rochester MN. Yes I know that the Mayo has an amazing world-wide reputation, but new people are finding it every day. The really amazing thing about Mayo: it is in the middle of nowhere. Find Rochester on Google maps… see what I mean? If social media works for them, it will drive your local residents to your services too.
  2. Are you still worried about the cost of adding a social media program? Then cut from some traditional media. This is cheap and can do much more to drive high-contribution patient volume than billboards, for instance
  3. Are you worried about HIPAA violations and social media? Don’t. Over the last three years thousands of hospitals are using social media to market themselves, using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. And as yet, no marketing departments have be cited for HIPPA violations.

Social Media is cheap, effective and a best practice for anyone that wants to drive high-contribution patient volume. If you have started a program, evolve it. If you haven’t, start today.