4 Things Healthcare Marketers Learn From Cadillac

4 Things Healthcare Marketers Learn From Cadillac

You’ll either love this or hate it. But what you think doesn’t matter — it only matters what the target customer thinks. This campaign from Cadillac is a great example of “you can’t talk to everybody” so you use consumer insights to focus like a laser on your targets’ hot buttons.

In the case of this TV spot, it has created national buzz. The holy grail of advertising is buzz — essentially, earned media and water cooler chat.  Cadillac knew if you hated this campaign, you weren’t going to buy a Caddy anyway; so their hope was that some consumers would get angry enough to tell everybody, and ultimately help sell even more Cadillacs through the buzz.

Via Ad Age, the marketing director at Cadillac said it this way:

The strategy was really to play off the consumer insights around this notion of achievement earned through hard work and hustle — and celebrating that. (emphasis mine)

So what can we learn from Cadillac to apply in healthcare?

1) Do the research and find out who will need your product or service.

2) Talk only to them. Not your doctors, not your c-suite, not those who might complain – only the target.

3) Tell your target the provocative truth. Be honest and authentic. Celebrate what they believe to be true.

4) Give a clear next step. (This is where Cadillac may have been weak; they could have had a showroom promotion or something.)

How can you talk more specifically to your target audience? Do you need some ideas? I’d love to chat, so feel free to get in touch.