3 Things A Great Healthcare Campaign Needs

3 Things A Great Healthcare Campaign Needs

Hospital for Special Ortho

Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan recently began their first marketing campaign in a decade. I think is was worth the wait.


Hospital for Special Surgery specializes in orthopedic care and is generally considered the perennial #1 for orthopedics in the nation by US News and World Report and other rankers. But after a decade of silence, they felt the need to to declare why you might want to choose the #1 ortho provider.

I usually promote campaigns focused on Wellness and Advocacy,  and while this work doesn’t fit into those categories, it still reminds us that you can do something beautiful and effective.

Here are the three elements of their great campaign creative work:

1) They told a compelling story, defined their brand promise, and declared their benefit (branding by any definition).

2) Their creative execution was gorgeous; flawless design with beautiful photography.

3) They clearly defined a next step for the consumer or referring physician. You can view the patient story and connect with a provider at the online address provided in the ads.

And about that “clearly defined next step,” check out their landing page hss.edu/backinthegame. It has the three stories they based their TV spots on, and an additional seven other stories on video. The ten total videos drill down into explanations and case studies. Well done, affordably produced, and consumer and physician friendly. I love the videos as a conversion tool.

Overall you’ll have to admit this campaign is beautiful work that moves the brand forward and has well-thought-out elements to sell something. It took a decade, but it is worth the wait. Would you agree?

**Lets give credit where credit is due: The campaign creative by a New Canaan, Conn.based agency, The Observatory. The budget is estimated at $5 million.